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Yehahh I'm not up to much these days. So if anyone wants to do a collab on some work, or you have any good sites similar to 99designs, let me know.

College Results:
Distinction - Distinction - Distinction
Well done me.
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If you don't go to my college, you don't have to read this. You probably won't care, and I don't expect you to, its my experience with my friends. You have your own, but this ones mine.
Just a note to say guys, and omg, in all seriousness -

Thanks so much for two fantastic years. I thought I'd really have difficulty fitting in to a new environment and a group of completely new faces, but things have turned out better for me this way, I think, than if I'd done any differently.
Most of you will be heading off to different places all over the country, and I know that while my friendships with you are strong now, we all have our separate ways, and for many of you they won't include me in them. I know that's not a nice thought for me, but it's not the first time, and I'm sure you'll have plenty of new friends and experiences, wherever you end up.
Sounds like I'm giving up on you here - I'm not! - but it can't be helped, everything with a beginning has an end.
That being said I'll miss everyone, even Becca, who I've only spoke to twice in liek, two flippin' years (opposite ends of the room, that's what it was down to :P).
Good luck with your lives, your careers, relationships, and when you're old and gray, you can tell your grandkids -
'My college group was freaking awesome, we could pwn your ass at Photoshop any day. How do I know? Paul said so.'

TL;DR version: Thanks for everything, I'll miss you all, and Good Luck!
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Yes, I had my little burst of fame last week. 15 page views in ONE DAY?!?! jeeeeez.
Well it did manage to push me over the 2000 viewers mark, so wahey. A stunning achievement.
And if you have a PS3, give me your PSN ID pl0x.
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Can I not be in more than one group?
what the hell??
Its art! not religion or politics!
EDIT: Sorted. lol.
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I changed my Avatar! Now it has relevance to my Username!!
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Two interesting things on my Deviant Art account at the moment.
1) Its my first BirthdAy!! woop. Time certainly has flown since my first upload here.
Maybe in 5 years i'll do one of those 'reflect on the past' things nobody reads.
2) I got +1000 pageviews, so thank you very much to everyone who subscribed, commented, faved, etc etc. Much appreciated.

very busy at the moment with college work. However! I've done a few songs and uploaded them to youtube, so if you want to check those out, the link is here:
One might be up on tuesday evening.
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If you don't have a facebook, or source the News constantly, then you wont have heard already. Michael Jackson died today.
I can't say im a massive fan, and his life has been riddled with controversy, but he did make some good songs in his time.
To avoid prejudice, I  also send condolences to the families of thousands of other people who have died today.

Anywho on the brighter side, I hope to again start adding some artwork onto my page. Things have been hectic lately, and by hectic i mean 'the level of work where I am relaxed but not enough to do my own thing.' I am going to finish my foo shoes, and also start work on a major project - Halo Armour. I know it seems like everyones done it, but i wanna make me own! It will cost far less than buying one. It will be Mark VI not that ODST stuff coz im not into that.

Thats all.
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I tried not going on internets,but it was too hard.
Theres just so many thing on the internet I like!
What an Impossible task.
Oh well I tried lol.
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So here we go. Some taggy quiz I was tagged on before the tagging was taggerd - by :iconephira:
And by law of Taggery, anyone who is tagged in the aforementioned thing shall also post this!

1. Post these rules
2. Each tagged person must tell eight things about themselves
3. At the end you must tag eight people and post their icons in your journal
4. Then go back to their page and tell them you tagged them
5. No tag backs.

1. Most of my watchers already know this, but I have played piano for 8 years and the guitar for 2.

2. My middle name is Joel

3. During primary school I was a big fan of Pro Wrestling O_o

4. The first friends I make are always next to me Alphabetically

5. I wanted to be a lawyer.

6. The first game I ever played was This is Football 2 for the PS1.

7. I used to memorize entire simpsons episodes - and do the voices

8. When I was younger, I had a blonde afro. But didn't realize how cool it was so made sure I didn't eat crusty bread. (crust's sposed to give you curls)

I shall tag: :iconthe-red-right-hand: :iconvoractictempest: :iconclumsy-mcfittie: :iconimbatman1313: :iconmattaeus1992: :iconzlata-petal: :icondiscord-and-rhyme: :icondoom247:

Thanks for reading.
As a quick side note Im turning off the intranets for a week and I'll see how I get on, so this will probs be the last you see of me for a while. Just tying up loose ends and comments I haven't replied to!
So the last I updated this was October. Nothing interesting in that was there?

I find myself with nothing to talk about!

Really I guess these Journals are for people who get over 9000 views a day.
What I will say to you guys who do read this is to
check out some deviants!!

First I'll go with kaoi-ni :iconkaoi-ni: She does alot of her own pencil/ink works which is always good to see in an Artist these days. She also knows how to colour! If you visit her page you're bound to like something. Her range of work is great - from Monsters wearing suits, to the classy italian restaurant wall art.
My favourites are her Deviant ID's, 'A Perfect Cup', and her Valentines day piece 'Fallen Deeply'.  

Second is Emartel :iconemartel:, who even though has been a member for a year, only started posting work sometime last Thursday. His work in the majority is cubist, but thats always interesting to look at. His pieces mostly depict Jazz/Blues Musicians. My favourites from him are 'Blue Train Session', 'Quartet 1958' and 'Bronze Monk'.

Last but not least is monymo0n :iconmonymo0n:. She does some really nice pencil drawings, but also takes brilliant photos! I just started watching recently, but already she has already had a load more subscribers.
My favourites of hers are 'esta noche tan de dia', 'black and white' and 'kisses'(did I mention she was Spanish?)

So those are my three for this entry, please check them out and watch if you like what you see! All three are pretty regular in submitting art, so you're always going to have something new.
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So I've just got started with this deviantART thing. I have had the interwebs for many moons now, but I recently decided to take a step beyond my normal boundaries of youtube, bushspeech and leekspin for here!
There are a few arts up now, and i'll keep em coming. Hope you enjoy my stay as much as I do. =D

-Live long n prosper-